Why I love…chambray

OK. Don’t get scared. This is not your boyfriend’s too-loose version nor is it the 90’s floral patchwork that looks a tad too much like denim. By the way, chambray isn’t denim. Who knew? It has to do with the way the fibers, cotton in both fabrics, are woven together. Essentially, you get a lighter, softer fabric with chambray than you do with denim. Visit Unsung Style’s blog for a more scientific explanation.
So where are we seeing this denim-look fabric? In my opinion, it tends to be a very relaxed, comfortable look but can be combined with the right accessories to go for a preppy or even nautical vibe.
J.Crew Selvedge chambray shirt

Topstitched oversize pocket shirt, The Gap

I’m one of those girls who likes to get the most out everything I buy. If I’m going to spend good money, I want to wear that thing to work, on a date, on a Saturday afternoon, and out with the girls. It doesn’t always work, but it’s nice to have a goal in mind. I feel like chambray is one of those unique materials that can do it all, as long as it’s done in the right way.

Date- probably a casual lunch or something. DKNY Jeans strapless chambray full skirt cargo pocket sundress

Work outfit inspiration thanks to the Bows and Sequins blog. Click on the image for the link

Casual Saturday outfit from J. Crew

Yup, you can even go running in the stuff.

It seems to be the style for spring and fall, so it’s a good thing it is so versatile. How do you wear chambray? Is it a comfortable fabric for curling up with tea and a good book or is it inspiration for a night out?


4 thoughts on “Why I love…chambray

  1. It’s definitely a nice alternative for denim, in terms of weight and depending on the weather – it has a softness to it as well that’s missing in demin. I also agree with the sentiment you expressed of waste not, want not and wearing the clothes we buy so it’s best to buy fabrics that are enduring and sustainable.

  2. Hi, I’m Paige and I’m a chambray-aholic. I own at least five of these guys. JCrew has a great one and so does American Eagle. Both places retail them around $39.50. Ive found all mine at outlet stores.

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