The Grammy Awards! Just the flops.

I usually try to keep things positive around PLandL. No one needs more negativity in their lives. So let me just use my “teacher language” and say these stars just “aren’t quite there yet.” Maybe musicians are just crazier than actors and actresses, but I found a ton of wack-o outfits walking down the Grammy red carpet.

Take this one for example:

Did you know it’s now totally normal to wear a swimsuit in the middle of winter? Don’t worry about all those people who say it’s a little chilly. Or those that say you have to dress up a little for an awards show. All you have to do is slip into a construction-worker orange lace dress. No one will even know it’s under there! Oh wait. You can definitely tell it’s under there.

Wait! There’s more:

Sasha Gradiva in concept design by Leonid Gurevich

I just can not decide on an accessory to wear with this lovely pastel gown. Silver bangle? Designer clutch? Oh wait! Here’s a bunch of guns! I’ll wear those.

Bonnie McKee in Falguni and Shane Peacock

It’s not just the awkward length, busy pattern, and the out-of-place tassels. There’s nowhere for the eye to land and appreciate a nice design. It’s a little seizure-inducing.

Lady Gaga in Versace

I know I’m supposed to think Lady Gaga is ahead of her time and fashion-forward, but you can’t argue with the fact that she’s weird. Whether that’s good or bad is up to you.


I don’t even know where to start. Usually I imagine people carefully selecting their red carpet wear with the help of stylists and friends, mulling over the options in their minds, and finally landing on the outfit that will make them stand out as the most ravishing belles at the ball. It would appear that Robyn had 15 minutes between her racquetball tournament and the Grammy arrivals. So she tucked her over-sized t-shirt into a spandex mini she had laying around from 1985 (taped half of the longer version on the back) and threw a jewel over her ear to add a little touch of fancy. Oh. And then she wanted to be taller and go for a hike in the mountains so she slipped on those delightful suede platform hiking boots. Ta da!

Nicki Minaj in Versace

Caption ideas for this one?